The backbone of any business is a reliable and robust I.T infrastructure, ensuring minimum down-time of systems and a reduction of negative impact on company performance.

Maxwell Computers have our own team of I.T professionals dedicated in the provision of guaranteed service levels for varied support and maintenance contracts.

By offering rapid access to expert assistance, coupled with a dynamic and adaptable workforce, we are able to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your I.T equipment is in the safest possible hands.

Together, we will keep your business running!

Flexible or Structured Maintenance Contracts available!

Maxwell Computer's have four standard, tiered, business support packages which meet the majority of business needs:

Bronze Support Silver Support Gold Support Gold on Demand

We are also able to tailor service plans to meet your company's needs. Through discussion, we will develop an understanding of your I.T. requirements, advising on beneficial support levels.

Flexibility is the key to our support levels. We will work alongside you and together we will tailor the right plan for your business. Just one call would be enough to arrange a site visit to you by one of our professional consultants. From there he/she would endeavour to advise on the best possible support and maintenance package to help your business grow.

  • Backup and Recovery

    Backup and Recovery

    Maxwell Computer's can offer solutions for your business covering data backup and disaster recovery. We use a variety of systems to backup data, as well as offer off-site backup and data duplication.

    Contact us for more information on how we can reduce your risk of data loss.

  • Networking and Security

    Networking and Security

    Networking and Security is at the core of any business IT infrastructure. At Maxwell Computers we take a proactive approach to ensure that your IT infrastructure is secure, reliable and fit for purpose. We have many years experience installing and securing entire networks, from simple ADHOC clients, to multi-office SMB networks.

    We are able to provide remote access solutions, enabling employees to work on the move. We also have experience in building networks with security at the centre of their design.

  • Non-contracted work

    Non-contracted work

    We not only provide services to contracted customers, but also to the public. We are available for call-outs 5 days a week, and can usually book you an appointment within 3 working days.

    We have good relationships with companies and individuals who are looking for occasional work to be completed, but do not wish to enter into a contract.

Remote Support

Remote Support

Maxwell Computer's Engineering team are able to offer Remote Access Support.
As an alternative to verbal guidance, we are able to remotely access systems to perform maintenance.

If one of our Engineers has requested remote access, please click the following link:

This will download the ISL Online Remote Access Client, allowing us to connect.

Please note - you will need an access code from our Engineers before using this client.